Leo Heremans

(Vorselaer, BE)

One of the most popular pigeon strains in the world in 2013 is that of Leo Heremans, because of the way it has influenced top races all over the world. Leo applied the eye for perfection he developed as a diamond cutter unsurpassed into pigeon racing and created a new world strain. Very secure, with a rough base that was refined year after year and eventually turned out to become among the best short and middle distance pigeons in the world. A story of survival … of dedication … of talent … of misfortune … but above all, of great success.

Leo first made a name in the eighties by visiting public auctions of the best regional fanciers and always buying the stars of the auction, or direct children to them. His vision was that only the best could produce the best; however it took a while before Leo’s investments were rewarded. Very important was the year 1988, when the total colony of Staf Van Den Bempt was sold. He was over 25 years overall champion of Vorselaar and by far one of the best short and middle distance fanciers of Belgium ever. Leo purchased all the best Van Den Bempt pigeons and that investment was the best Leo Heremans ever did, founding the strain Leo Heremans.

The colony was enriched with supreme breeding pigeons such as ‘Goudklompje’ and ‘Goudvinkje’ via Gebr. Hasendonckx, Since 1998 Leo raced together with Charel Ceusters under the name Heremans-Ceusters and performances were amazing! National Titles came thick and fast.

Without a doubt the most important breeder for the Heremans-Ceusters colony in latter years was BE01–6455003 ‘Olympiade’ … In 2002 Gust Jansen had a year never to forget & his ‘003/01’ became star of the loft and was even crowned as 2nd National Acebird KBDB 2002 winning a bunch of top positions. Leo knew Gust really did not want to sell his topper, so offered to pay half the price Gust wanted and to breed together; one month in Vorselaar with Leo, then one month in Beerse with Gust, for the rest of his life. Gust agreed, and 2 months later ‘003/01’ was declared Belgian representative for the Lievin 2003 Olympiad & then named ‘Olympiade’. His inheritors now form a dynasty of top performers & breeders.

Other superpigeons in the Heremans-Ceusters strain were two brothers to ‘De Kannibaal’ of Van Dyck. A granddaughter to ‘Sony’ of Houben’ … ‘Blauw Kampioentje’ and ‘Donker Diels’ of Jan Diels … and several other toppers. However on October 17th 2006 thieves came and stole 30 cockbirds. Leo had almost nothing but sleepless nights since, and his wife was very ill, so he decided to sell all his pigeons, probably the best short & middle distance colony of Belgium by then. Two pairs were sold in BIS; the best old cock ‘Jan’ & best young cock ‘Nieuwe Rossi’ together & the best old hen ‘Natalia’ & best young hen ‘Eenoogske’ together. Because Leo wanted one pair to stay to not lose the total bond with his pigeons. Also Olympiade was not sold because of the joint ownership of Gust.

Not much later. two weeks after the auction in 1997, Leo’s wife Chris died. She had always been the spindle of the close family and the loss was great. He decided to start over again and made one of the most legendary comebacks in International pigeon sport. What Leo won in recent years is amazing:

Since 2002 Premier Stud has been one of Leo Heremans’s most loyal friends and customers and purchased from all the best for TEN YEARS. Indeed hundreds of birds were bought! Including after the auction in 2007, from all the toppers, that were sold for record prices at PIPA, Premier Stud owned children or brothers and sisters … they therefore are one of the greatest treasurers of the strain Leo Heremans in Western-Europe. Indeed if you look through the sale list of the record breaking 2013 total sale some of Leos own stock birds were bred in the UK by Premier Stud and sent back to Leo ! The only British Loft he ever Imported birds from !!!!!!!

Since 2013 most of the original birds bred by Leo at Premier Stud have been sold what remains are the stars of a new generation of winners tested and flown here in the UK.

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